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WA Schools PPP - Primary Schools

Disciplines:  Civil, Structural

WA School Public Private Partnership with the Eduwest consortium to deliver 4 new Primary Schools across the Metropolitan WA.
The four primary schools were located in Alkimos, Baldivis, Byford and Landsdale. Forth were engaged as part of the BPJV Design Department which incorporated Mode Design, CCN Architects. BPJV’s client is Eduwest Project Co Ltd (ultimately for the State of WA)
The Eduwest consortium was awarded a contract to design, build, finance and maintain eight public schools in and around Perth, delivered in 11 stages.  Perkins Builders and Badge Construction formed a joint venture (BPJV) to design and construct the schools over a seven year period.
The design approach takes into account the whole of life costs rather than just up front capital cost and incorporates energy efficiency, quality of materials and equipment and ease of maintenance.